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The Thought Process and Initiatives of Kaneko MediX, Inc.

  Based on the "manufacturing" of medical injection needles, we have responded to various customer requests and accumulated needle processing technology and safety as a human puncture needle.
Since its founding in 1962, it has more than 40 years of needle manufacturing know-how, and "constant manufacturing that is high quality for the first time when people, excellent production technology, and excellent machines pass the "heart" to one." With the manufacturing policy of "things that can maintain accuracy and safety," we have built a system that meets the needs of our customers, and are pursuing technology, safety / quality, delivery time, price, and service.

 As an OEM company, we build the "trust" and "joy" of customers around the world, pass on and pursue manufacturing technology for that purpose, comply with confidentiality obligations, keep deadlines as a customer's needle manufacturing department, reduce complaints and systems CAPA (Corrective Action Preventive Action) activities, pursuit of appropriate costs without impairing quality, flow by process network, regular review of routines, and steady activities to instill reliable business execution throughout the company We are definitely proceeding.
  Without deviating from this basic idea as an OEM company, we will make a company-wide contribution with the common quality policy of "providing products that are trusted by our customers."
Kaneko MediX, Inc.
Takeyoshi Sakashita

Various certificates

ISO13485: 2016 Certificate

(2020-11-19, 381KB)

ISO13485: The 2016 version has been updated.
Validity period: 2020/11/22 - 2023/11/21
"ELID grinding technology" in the application for certification of frontier companies in Tochigi prefecture in the 2nd year of ReiwaHas been authenticated.

Kaneko MediX, Inc.
Tochigi Prefecture, Nasushiobara City, Tsukinukizawa 342-17
TEL. +0287-36-6688-XNUMX
FAX: 0287-36-5827

Manufacturing of medical injection needles

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