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Quality Policy

Kaneko MediX, Inc. Quality Policy

Basic Policy

 Kaneko MediX, Inc. will continue to improve quality and provide products that customers can trust in order to realize the company's "Management Philosophy" and "Vision".
 Quality policy - We provide products that are trusted by our customers.
 1)Q Quality - We make sharp and safe needles.
 2)D Delivery - we keep our promises to our customers.
 3)C Cost - we keep the cycle time and do not make defective products.
 4)S Speed - we respond quickly to customer inquiries.
S Service - we investigate everything, discuss it, and respond before it is asked.
S Safety - we create a safe workplace that does not cause accidents.

Activity Policy

 Kaneko MediX, Inc. establishes and implements the following activity policy so that the quality policy is understood and implemented by all employees of the Company.
1) From the president: Quality policy: Providing products that customers can trust In order to realize the above, a "quality target" is formulated based on the annual "management plan", and the quality control manager clearly indicates to each department head that the target for each department in the fiscal year is to be formulated. In response to the annual "quality target", create a target for each department and implement target management through the quality control committee.
2) We hold management reviews to confirm that the quality of products conforms to customer requirements and other requirements, and to confirm the necessity of changing the quality manual (QMS) due to the external environment and internal environment, and continuously improve. To carry out.
3) In order to achieve the annual "quality target", the quality control committee regularly confirms the progress and effectiveness of each department's efforts, and reviews the target management of the quality target.
4) The quality policy is repeated in the morning assembly every day in each department, posted in each department so that everyone can see it, and posted in "My Efforts" that each department carries to ensure thorough understanding and implementation of the policy by all employees.
 Add safety to quality policies, especially infrastructure requirements, work with the Safety and Health Committee to share goals, initiatives, and management reviews with the Quality Control Committee at least twice a year.
The realization of the quality policy will be evaluated from the perspective of QDC SSS in the management review at the end of the fiscal year.

Kaneko MediX, Inc.
President Takeyoshi Sakashita
2016/ 3/ 1

Kaneko MediX, Inc.
Tochigi Prefecture, Nasushiobara City, Tsukinukizawa 342-17
TEL. +0287-36-6688-XNUMX
FAX: 0287-36-5827

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