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We contribute to aspects of both the international medical fields
and the precision metal machining fields
as an original equipment manufacturer of hypodermics.
We specialize in the manufacture of speciality medical hypodermics,
and sell to medical equipment makers both in Japan and around the world as an original equipment manufacture.
Kaneko MediX, Inc.
Based on our quality policy of "providing products trusted by our customers," we work towards quality needle manufacturing while always being aware of the following: the aim for minimal invasiveness through needles with reduced puncture resistance, the constant improvement of the grinding technique at the core of the technology, risk-management activities applied to our manufacturing of hypodermics and confirmed by the FMEA, and compiling evidence of the safety of hypodermics.
In addition, every 3 to 5 years we challenge ourselves with new technology. Even if we are not able to apply it immediately, we can change our lack of ability into ability, so show are customers that we are a dependable company.
329-2703 Tochigi Prefecture, Nasushiobara City, Tsukinukizawa 342-17
TEL.0287-36-6688  FAX. 0287-36-5827
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