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Information on Kaneko MediX, Inc.

Kaneko MediX, Inc. is located in Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture. Located in the northern part of Tochigi prefecture, about 150km north of the metropolitan area, there are hot spring areas such as Shiobara Onsenkyo and Nasu Onsenkyo, which belong to the Nasu volcanic belt and have abundant hot spring water. The mountainous area with abundant nature as a representative and the gently sloping alluvial fan where many Taiko wishes come to the Naka River and Hoki River from various places for sweetfish fishing, etc., in the urban area of ​​the area that coexists with nature We have three factories.

Headquarters, Head Office Factory

Headquarters, Head Office Factory
(The front photo is the head office)
From 2020/4/13, the head office was relocated from 163-355, Nasushiobara City to 342-17 Tsukinukizawa, Nasushiobara City.
The head office building has a business department and a general affairs / finance department. The business department has a business section and a process control section, which are in charge of ordering, shipping operations, process management as customer contact points. The general affairs department is in charge of general affairs and safety and health.
The quality control department, production engineering department, and development department of the head office and building E function as the control tower for the entire factory.

Corporate Philosophy / Vision

Kaneko MediX, Inc.'s management and employees reach customers around the world through needle manufacturing joy. It is best for us to have joy and we consider it to be the significance of existence, and make it the core of our corporate culture as our corporate philosophy.

Furthermore, our social role and  contribution / mission
 1. Contribution to customers ... <Challenge>
 We will continue to be willing to meet even the most difficult customer demands and new technologies.
 The end users of the medical field are patients. Aiming to make innovative and safe needles that are useful for patient treatment, high quality, timely delivery system that does not cause shortages, and improvement of production efficiency and equipment to help reduce the burden of medical expenses at an appropriate price We will continue to challenge the improvement of the quick response service to the settings and inquiries.
  2. Contribution to employees and equipment ... <innovation></innovation>
 In order to continue making good products, we will focus on human resources education and training that can be obtained by developing human resources who clearly understand the purpose of needle making and maintaining and managing excellent equipment.
  3. Contribution to the community and environment ... <Harmony>
 We will contribute to the region with appropriate profits and continue to explore the construction of production processes that are friendly to the global environment.
We believe that these three contributions and missions will be a joy to our customers and a joy to us.
Kaneko MediX, Inc.'s Social Role, Contribution / Mission Destination
Vision, as "aiming to be the world's number one injection needle manufacturer".
 Rather than pursuing quantity, we specialize in injection needles in special fields that customers want and cannot easily make with other companies, enhance their raison d'etre in that challenge, and ask, "what is a better needle?" We are confident that we will continue to manufacture the best injection needles in terms of quality, technology, and customer satisfaction, looking at the world as well as Japan from such a standing position, which will lead to the best in the world.

Company Information

■Company Name
Kaneko MediX, Inc. (Kaneko MediX Inc.)
■ Location329-2703 Tochigi Prefecture, Nasushiobara City, Tsukinukizawa 342-17
■ Phone Number0287-36-6688
■Fax number0287-36-5827
■ Company RepresentativePresident Takeyoshi Sakashita
■ FounderYukio Kaneko (1962, Showa 37)
■Establishment Date1972, Showa 47/6/1
■ Capital95,000,000 yen
■ Number of Employees206 people (including full-time employees and part-time workers as of 2020/4/16)
■ Business Areas
Manufacturing of medical injection needles
■ Bank
・Ashikaga Bank, Nishinasuno Branch
・Tochigi Bank, Nishinasuno Branch
・Shirakawa Shinkin Bank, Nishinasuno Branch
・Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Oyama Branch
・Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Omiya Ekimae Branch
・Otawara Shinkin Bank, Nishinasuno Branch

Company History

Founded by Yukio Kaneko for the purpose of manufacturing medical injection needles
1972/6Established Kaneko Kogyo Co., Ltd. (capital 3000000 yen)
April 1980Completion of the 1 factory
April 19831st factory extension
April 1991Completion of the 2 factory
April 1995Completion of the 3 factory
April 1997Increased capital by 40 million yen
1998/3Completion of the 4 factory
April 1999Purchased the 5th factory (Tsukizawa factory)
2000/5Increased capital by 60 million yen
2000/8Increased capital by 80 million yen
2001/2Increased capital by 9 5 million yen
2001/9Yukio Kaneko appointed as chairman Takeyoshi Sakashita appointed as president from managing director
2002/7ISO9002: 1994'certification accreditation body TUV
2003/8"Tochigi Prefecture Frontier Company" certification
2003/9New cutting factory
April 2003Tsukinukizawa Factory Extension Building B
ISO9001: 2000 version upgrade update
Tsukinukizawa Factory Reconstruction Building A
1-axis servo control, NC control grinder 14 units relocated to Tsukinukizawa factory
2005/4TOC (Theory of constraints) in-house introduction project launched
2008/2Land purchase 3000m2 (including 2 buildings)
Company name changed, converted to a joint-stock company
 (From Kaneko Kogyo Co., Ltd. to Kaneko MediX, Inc.)
April 2008Land purchase 3142m2
April 2008Wastewater treatment equipment / specific facility notification approval, Tsukinukizawa No. 2 factory renovation started
Tochigi Future Challenge Fund Grant Application
(Subsidy ISO13485 acquisition application approved)
2010/2Completed renovation of Tsukinukizawa No. 2 Factory (cleaning / inspection process transfer) (Inspection room clean unit: Class 10,000 infrastructure development)
2010/2The ISO13485:2003 certification acquisition
April 2010Merged with Sun Giken, a canula maker specializing in special needles, and established the Special Needle Division.
2011/2Addition of shot blasting work building to Tsukinukizawa Daiichi Factory Building A
2011/4Introduced two 4-axis NC grinders, located in Tsukinukizawa Factory A Building
2013/6Heisei 24 Manufacturing SME / Small Business Prototype Development Support Subsidy Application Adopted
2013/7Building E newly built on the premises of Tsukinukizawa No. 2 Factory Steel frame 2 stories, site area 360m2
April 2017
Updated to ISO13485: 2016 2016 version
April 2018Building C newly built on the premises of Tsukinukizawa No. 2 Factory Steel frame 2 stories, site area 540m2
April 2018
~April 2019
In 2018/12, 1 electric discharge machine was brought into the C building of Tsukizawa No. 2 Factory, in 2019/2, 4 high-precision NC grinders were brought in, and in 2019/3, 1 fully automatic AVF grinder was introduced.
April 2019
Construction of the head office building will begin at the Tsukinukizawa No. 2 Factory, scheduled to be completed in 2020/3. The head office building will be connected to Building C, and Building E will also be connected on the 2nd floor.
April 2019The special needle manufacturing section was relocated from the head office factory to the 2nd floor of the C building of the Tsukinukizawa second factory.
April 2020
The head office building was completed on the premises of the Tsukinukizawa No. 2 Factory, and the head office was relocated.
The relocation address will be 342-17 Tsukinukizawa, Nasushiobara City.
April 2020
Due to the relocation of the head office, the names of each factory have changed.
Headquarter factory ⇒ Nogi factory TEL: 0287-36-6689
Tsukinukizawa No.1 Factory ⇒ Tsukinukizawa Factory TEL: 0287-39-3257
Tsukinukizawa No. 2 Factory ⇒ Headquarter/Headquarter Factory TEL: 0287-39-1870 (Headquarter Factory) 
Until now


Tochigi Prefecture, Nasushiobara City, Tsukinukizawa 342-17
Information on each factory
Introduction of technology

Kaneko MediX, Inc.
Tochigi Prefecture, Nasushiobara City, Tsukinukizawa 342-17
TEL. +0287-36-6688-XNUMX
FAX: 0287-36-5827

Manufacturing of medical injection needles

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