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Good work, good family, one after another, Tochigi Declaration

At our company, in order to support "balance between work and family of employees" and "active participation of women", the contents that we are currently working on and the contents that we are going to work on will be incorporated into the prefectural system as "Good work, good family, one after another, Tochigi Declaration". I have registered.The purpose of this "Good Work, Good Family, One Next Tochigi Declaration" is to lead to the realization of an employment environment that enables "balance between work and family" and "active participation of women" by being declared by the top management of the company.

You can see the registered declaration on the following website.
It is posted on the internal electronic bulletin board so that all employees can check it within the company.

Kaneko MediX, Inc.
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Manufacturing of medical injection needles

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