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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Basic Policy

 Kaneko MediX, Inc. is committed to corporate activities that prioritize safety and health, environmental protection, and disaster prevention in its continuous efforts toward the realization of the company's "management philosophy" and "vision," and respects human life. Based on this, we will protect the health and safety of our employees and strive to create a safe work environment that does not cause accidents.

Activity Policy

 Kaneko MediX, Inc. owns hazards such as machinery and chemicals used in needle manufacturing.
In order to make the operator aware of the correct operation and operation of the hazard and prevent the occurrence of a disaster, we will act according to the following policy.
1) We aim to improve the level of safety and health management by introducing and operating an occupational safety and health management system.
2) We will formulate occupational safety and health goals and work to promote health in accordance with the certification system for excellent health management corporations.

1. Risk reduction of hazards by risk assessment
2. Promote mental and physical health
3. Promotion of mental health care
4. Creating a comfortable workplace
5. Establishment of disaster prevention procedures
6. Promotion of prevention of second-hand smoke

3) We will provide all employees with the education and training necessary to ensure safety and health.
4) We will develop activities with the participation of all employees, hold a safety and health committee once a month in principle, and promote it in the PDCA cycle.

 We will make this policy known to all employees, operate an occupational safety and health management system, and strive to create a safe work environment that does not cause accidents.
Kaneko MediX, Inc.
President Takeyoshi Sakashita

Kaneko MediX, Inc.
Tochigi Prefecture, Nasushiobara City, Tsukinukizawa 342-17
TEL. +0287-36-6688-XNUMX
FAX: 0287-36-5827

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