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Technology Introduction

Introduction of technology

Grinding department

Grinding, which is the core technology of Kaneko MediX, Inc., has machines that can meet the needs of various customers, and we are building a system that pursues methods to suppress the generation of burrs during grinding and not damage the edges.

As a classification of owned grinding machines
No Machine NameOwned number
1. Manual grinder 6 stand
2. Uniaxial servo control grinder 10 stand
3. 4-axis NC control grinder 12 stand
4. Tapeless semi-automatic NC grinder 2 stand
 Tapeless fully automatic NC grinder
 Tapeless AVF fully automatic grinder
 6 units (2 units with 2 internal whetstones)
1 stand
We own a total of 37 grinders.

4-axis NC grinder
4-axis NC grinder
A machine that involves human intervention and performs tape-attached blade attachment with high precision.
Semi-automatic tapeless NC grinder

Semi-automatic tapeless NC grinder
A machine that performs high-performance tapeless grinding with human intervention and computer control.
The machine also incorporates a glass bead shot blast honing machine.

Fully automatic tapeless NC grinder

Fully automatic tapeless NC grinder
A high-performance tapeless grinder, an unmanned machine controlled by a computer.
The six machines on this floor adopt a two-shift system, and can operate for about two hours in unmanned operation.The machine also incorporates a glass bead shot blast honing machine.

Manual grinder
Manual grinder
Grinding data for special shapes, small lots, and prototypes are collected using this machine, and linked to semi-automatic and fully automatic needle fluidization as NC grinding data. High skill is required to master this machine, and at least 3 to 5 years of accumulated technology and experience are required.

Operates "MINITAB" for grinding measurement processing

Process Capability

Kaneko MediX, Inc.
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