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  • Kaneko MediX, an OEM manufacturer of injection needle dealing worldwide, is dedicating to a certain portion of Medical Industry and Precision Metal Processing Industry.

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Specialized in the production of a variety of injection needle for medical applications, we are selling our products not only to Japanese medical manufacturers but to the customs abroad mainly on OEM basis.
Our major basical QC policy is to supply the products that merit the customers’ reliance, based on which we are striving forward to manufacture the needles, taking always into account the customers’ reliance, reduction of vein puncture resistance for patient’s low puncture stress, improvement and upgrading of grinding which is our core-technology, risk management activities for injection needle production deepened from FMEA activities, accumulation of evidences to prove to be safe needles, etc.
Not only this, we are challenging new technologies always looking 3-5years ahead. We are targeting for a company worthwhile for the customers’ reliance exhibiting our efforts to change impossible to possible in future, even though difficult today.


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